BJG Consulting was born in 2008 and is licensed in both Florida and Washington. We work with everyone from solopreneurs to multinational corporations. We offer full-service marketing services and planning, proposal and RFP response writing and support, marketing content creation and copyediting, and ad hoc writing services. We also provide personal branding for professionals, creative entrepreneurs and job seekers, as well as training in social media marketing and communications.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality marketing and communication services to clients whose products and services have a positive impact and to create the opportunities and spaces for our clients' long-term success.

BJG Consulting thrives on helping other businesses to grow. We particularly seek clients whose businesses inherently benefit their customers and communities. We believe in using our expertise and experience to empower our clients, helping their reach, impact, and business to grow.

BJG Consulting is a proud to be represented by our owner, Dr. Brianna Grantham, as a member of Business Networking International, the Association of Proposal Management Professionals, the Modern Language Association (MLA), Master Builders Association of King and Snohomish Counties, the Freelancers Union, and the International Association of Professional Writers and Editors. We are happily insured thanks to Omega Financial.


  • Integrity

More than simple honesty and truth, we believe in approaching each client and project, as well as our own company, as a complete picture. Everything we do is targeted at creating a coherent success story

  • Authenticity

Not only do we strive always to be true to ourselves and our values, but we also support and encourage our clients to be genuine. We know that the greatest successes in any industry are rooted in authenticity

  • Play

We like to have fun! More importantly, we have built our business on the idea that we enjoy what we do for our clients—when we approach client projects with a playful attitude, we find that our ideas and solutions are not just more creative, but they're actually more effective

  • Daring

The meek may inherit the earth, but we believe success is for the bold. We won't always expect our clients to join us on a skydiving adventure, but we do encourage them to be fearless and explore new options

  • Innovation & Ingenuity

We believe that these two qualities exist best in tandem. The wheel does not always need to be reinvented, but we've found that sometimes skis are the better solution. Innovation for its own sake isn't our goal—growing your business is

  • Curiosity

We believe that curiosity creates amazing opportunities. We direct our curiosity toward our clients, their industries, effective business practices, and unique new solutions


We love supporting our clients and take pride in the role we play in the good they do in the world, but we also give back. We are passionate about education, empowerment, and economic independence for girls and women. We support Women Graduates-USA’s work in advocacy and education for girls and women worldwide, and strive to support fair trade, economic development, and women-owned businesses both locally and globally. Each year, BJG Consulting also takes on additional projects: in 2016, we donated books to a school in a low-income district in the California.


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Brianna began editing and writing for others long before she incorporated BJG Consulting in 2008. Since then, Brianna has expanded her knowledge and BJG Consulting’s services to include marketing, communications, branding, social media strategy and marketing, proposal and RFP writing, ghostwriting, and more. Her past publication credits include academic, journalism, and creative pieces, as well as business and corporate ghostwriting.

Brianna holds her PhD in Creative Writing from the University of Birmingham (UK), as well as an M.A. in Liberal Arts from St. John’s College and a B.A. in Communication from Florida Gulf Coast University. Her professional background includes: teaching elementary Spanish and university English composition, language, and literature; RFP proposal writing in the SaaS and tech industry; retail, direct, and phone sales; tourism; marketing; social media management; non-profit organizations and NGOs; writing and editing; primary and post-secondary education.

Brianna serves on the Board as the Communications Convener for Women Graduates-USA (WG-USA), a virtual non-profit organization focused on advocacy and education on issues affecting women and girls worldwide, with a particular focus on safe access to education. She is also a member of the Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP)Modern Language Association (MLA)International Association of Professional Writers and Editors (IAPWE), and a Review Board Member for the Birmingham Journal of Literature and Language (BJLL). Brianna is passionate about supporting start-ups, entrepreneurs, small and local businesses, and women in business.

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Ideal Protein of America, Inc.

LePley Law Firm

Fashion District NW

SL & G Group, LLC

Active Entertainment

Divine Transmutation

Healing Hypnotherapy

We enjoy working with clients in diverse industries:

  • Technology and SaaS
  • Life and Business Coaches
  • Creatives: Photographers, Artists, Crafters, and Writers
  • Health, Weight Loss, and Nutrition
  • Construction and Trades
  • Medical and Healthcare
  • Education and Learning
  • Non-profit and NGOs
  • Retail, B2C and B2B sales
  • FDA Compliance and Regulation

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